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School Broadcast Program

The NFHS Network School Broadcast Program provides individual schools with an education-based broadcasting program that enables students and faculty to capture, edit and publish original content. The NFHS Network provides your school with the software and resources needed to produce TV-like events such as sports, graduation, school newscasts, guest speakers and award ceremonies for broadcast over the Internet. You can start with as little as a camera and a laptop or integrate it with existing equipment for a more advanced production.

How it Works

The School Broadcast Program is available to high schools nationwide. The program allows schools to leverage PlayOn! Sports extensive and proprietary technology, services and support to build their school’s digital network on the NFHS Network.

Schools can produce and distribute high quality events throughout the year including regular season sports, graduation, band, cheer events, as well as other school activities. Broadcasting these events is a great way for a school to showcase their students and activities while strengthening the connection with parents, coaches, players, boosters and the community. Fans can watch all the events on the school’s branded portal on the NFHS Network.

The School Broadcast Program has several options for participation to fit a school’s needs. Schools can participate in the License Fee Model, providing free fan access to streamed events, or join one of the new no-cost options (Subscription or Franchise Model) and partner with the NFHS Network to optimize ad sales and viewer subscriptions to support school programs.

For more information on the program and to find out which option best matches your school’s needs, please contact the School Broadcast Program at or visit